Monday, 27 November 2017

E-circular dated 27.112017

Re :Legal Action for 92-93 retirees' issue

I am receiving enquiries on the status of actions contemplated in regard to the above. Though the matter relates to a very small section of our membership and the legal action does not concern other pensioners ,i thought it appropriate to share the following information with all our units so that their concerned members if any could informed of our efforts .

As already known to all I visited Enakulam last month and had detailed discussions on the question of filing a petition in the
pending writ filed by two individuals out of whom one is seriously ailing and another is not in a position to expedite a disposal of the 8 year old WP. We therefore thought of filing an I A taking advantage of dismissal of LIC's SLP in SC in MC Jain's mater. It was also considered a less expensive affair for us. At the discussions with our advocate, Shri E I Thomas Vice president of the Fedn.and Messers.  PD Joseph & TS  Sasikumar (President & Secy respectively of our Ernakulam Assn) participated.  On going through the materials submitted by us our counsel advised we have a case to intervene but suggested two applications being filed one in the name of one Mr KM Cherian a 92-93 retiree living in Ernakulam and another one by the Fedn in a representative capacity to seek a direction to LIC Chairman to extend the benefit of re fixation of pensions to all those similarly placed as MC Jain. 

 We have since given our Vakalat along with whatever documents that were required by the counsel, thanks to some efficient
follow up by Shri Sasikumar .The counsel  has confirmed that the preparation of papers to be filed in the court is under way. We hope as required by us the filing will be done by 30th of this month which I
hope to confirm in the Gen. Council early next month.

As regards the other option of directly approaching the Supreme Court , we have already discussed the matter with a Sr.Counsel who had referred us to an advocate on record for preparing the
necessary papers. Our shri VK jain is following up with him. We shall inform the progress on this in due course.

With Greetings 

GN Sridharan

Gen.Secy .

Fedn.of  Retd LIC Cass I Officers'.Associarons

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