Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Sri PNSrivastava Kanpur is no more, a Giant Activist falls, we the Losers

Sri PNSrivastava Kanpur is no more, a Giant Activist falls, we  the Losers
1)News of  death is always sad,more so ,when it is of Pensioners fraternity , it is shocking.
Elders & Sr Citizens contribution to  Institution,Society  & Nation is all important & significant .Data & Statistics are reeled out on & off by Govt & Elders Organisations,many working for their cause, welfare & progress.Sr Citizens ConFederation is a recognized body with a Vision & Mission Statement.All  Regions of India are covered  & time to time, Review Meetings are held.Govt pays lipservice to Seniors & adopts different standards & yardsticks to deal with multiple issues of serious concern for their progress.
2)Unnecessarily,Govt even forces Pensioners to approach Courts,we are caught in a vicious circle,many succumb during the interregnum of a tortuous legal battle.The death of Veteran Sri PNSrivastava is a shocker for he was a brave, courageous & valiant Fighter for a just cause & always upheld the worth & Dignity of Pensioners in all walks of life.He was looking after Life Insce Pensioners  as also General insce pensioners with same valour & indomitable will power.Never has he retreated from any cause.He was thorough with all subject matters & nuances of pensioners issues & problems.
3)He takes up cause after cause,whatever the deficiencies or wrong done to pensioners,points out in his clearcut direct  communication to Chairman or EDPersonnel or ED EOS with aplomb & distinction.We all & Pensioners community in general owe a deep debt of gratitude  to him for the relentless struggle he was waging to root out the problem causing incalculable damage to pensioners & their families & lives.
4)I recall when S/sri BAngurajan. AIOS, AIRIEF  met then ChairmanSri Dinesh K .Mehrotra ,after fixing an appointment ,alongwith redoubtable GTParikh, Ahmedabad,PNSrivastava,Kanpur ,JKKarulkarMumbai ,presented the issues of pensioners cogently, in the Conference Hall of Yogakshema, for near 90 mts ,enough attention was paid ,for the 1st time, from then only ,all Circulars pertaining to Pensioners or affecting pensioners even remotely, LIC CO commenced to send such emails with attachment for immediate prompt spread of news or flashes etc   .Though Chairman did not agree to constitute a Consultative Committee, he onserved they are ever ready with a short notice to be present & address our concerns.
5)During the thick of High Court cases ,he handled the Allahabad HC case of pensioners on similar lines as of Jaipur,I sent copious material & data relevant to  pinpoint our issue of Loss of DR & Pension, the anamolies perpetrated & he was thankful for the same.As the powerful Sr Advocate,BJP was conducting the case, he was confident some good results will come.
6)His presence in EC/GC meetings of AIRIEF was adorned with  presentation s & ably communicating the agenda with force & conviction both in Hindi & he occupied a reasonable good position in General Insce, I have received thro him & Sri PVVithlani,Ahmedabad their Magazines,emails of happenings, photos etc.Sri SKMohapatra then ED GIC played a cementing role & many times, LIC was taken as a standing example for emulation for resolving their issues in GI Industry  .
Kanpur RIEA was issuing regular Bulletins for many years but for last 2/3 years,I could not receive the valuable Bulletin
7)His death is untimely,he was  a Resource person, for some reasons,his otherwise mixing & mingling with AIRIEF dwindled, NCZ & AIRIEF have lost a knowledgeable ,forward-looking activist who joining hands with others could have galvanized NCZ & enhanced Pensioners prestige & dignity to a higher desirable level.
May his soul rest in peace. We in AIRIEF pay our humble homage to the departed leader.We pray to the Almighty to shower strength & fortitude to bear this irreparable loss
Yours mournfully,

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