Friday, 4 May 2018

Gist of talks with ED Legal & ED Personnel,CO

 Dear friends,       Gist of talks with ED Legal & ED Personnel,CO
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1)I wanted to talk to EDPersonnel.Busy line,I thought of following up my recent email citing Pensioners problems including Family pensioners to ED OS & ED Per too.
As the 40% IR as per Hon SC Order dt 31/3/2016 had a gap of 2041 Pensioners left out,who did not get that IR, I wanted to pursue with CO Legal & so I could get the line & talk to Sri  S. Mohanty,ED Legal.I gave him the outline of LIC Affidavit wherein out of 17963 pre 8/97 pensioners, LIC paid to 15,922 pensioners.I reiterated Family Pensioners also must get Arrears from Date of Retirement  of pensioner to 31/3/2016 & so RPension till Date of death of RP & Family pension thereafter till 31/3/2016. I said this may out to 300 per Zone,and more numbers for bigger Zones with large number of pensioners.I sought his help to resolve this matter in correct perspective ,as some Pensioners  family (pre8/1997)here said that nothing was received.If any legal requirement was needed, I affirmed, that must be clearly communicated to them with empathy & a desire to assist  to ensure the amount legitimately due must reach the recipient .
I reminded that more than 12 months are over since Delhi HC Orders to settle arrears to earmarked pensioners pre-8/1997 & confined to small numbers.He nodded that this will be taken care of,he will endeavour his best.
I said we are sorry to trouble him but as we need fullest cooperation from CO to help pensioners ,I am approaching him.He said it is his duty, he still remembers the stream of articles from me , in Yogakshema & other Releases from EZ,MDC  then, so valuable,he has high regard for me & association in Eastern Zone.
ED Legal confirmed he will keep in touch with CO Personnel Dept & help to find a solution.He added Sri  Mukesh Kumar Gupta ZM CZ has assumed charge as EDPer.When I enquired about the health of Sri Sharad Stivastava,he said he is improving .       About the next List,when I asked, he told me ZMs are called on 7th May & hopefully then all will be over,7th or 8th.     
2)I then spoke to Sri MKGupta,ED Per with a brief introduction & my pranams  & felicitations for good things to happen.I wanted him to resolve the balance cases of pre-8/97   pensioners where LIC in Affidavit gave figures of payment ,leaving still a balance of 2041.As nearly 2 years are over, if he can intervene & resolve,those families will bless him for the pro-active remedy.
Another big grievance of pensioners is delayed credit thro NEFTof pension & April 2018 pension was not credited in many Divisions on 1st May Holiday.We have been consistently  pleading with CO OS Dept that ultimately, Pensioners ,more than anybody else, need better appreciation of their  genuine grievances & if CO can take bold  decision to implement same formula as for Employees,the oft repeated lacuna can be remedied.I have recently spoken & sent email to ED EOS Sri RKSood also.
When after good deal  of complaints,similar deficiency of Mediclaim premium deduction from salary was allowed ,this facility was denied to Pensioners   but ,what a change in mind & mood of pensioners, when last 3 years this facility offerred of deduction of premium from pension ensures they continue in Group Mediclaim  Scheme without break & risk is protected.So too, I said we pray & hope ,with coordination between Personnel & OS Depts, the NEFT credit must coincide with same rules for Pensioners too  to heave a sigh of relief.
I mentioned about Delhi HC orders to pay arrears,LIC has not objected in their Reply & so sooner it is released, relief will be for that small number of Pensioners.
I thanked him profusely for his patience & hoped better days will dawn for pensioners.
I am  sending the copy of my recent email to then ED personnel to Sri M K Gupta. 

Greetings & regards,
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